3rd Workshop on Measurement and Computation of Turbulent Spray Combustion (TCS 3)

September 2, 2012, 10-17 h, Rottmannsaal, Heidelberg-Handschuhsheim, Germany

Call for Contributions on Target Flames

As part of the TCS3 workshop, we plan to include modeling comparisons with select flames from the University of Sydney spray experiments, see The goal of this exercise is to determine the status of spray combustion modeling as well as the fidelity of experimental measurements.

Modeling Study Focus Contributions from modeling groups that explore the modeling issues listed above are solicited. The TCS3 website provides some additional information on modeling choices based on prior studies. These are merely suggestions, and modelers are encouraged to pursue other modeling choices as suitable.

The validation cases for this workshop are based on two sets of experiments conducted at Sydney. Two fuels, namely acetone and ethanol, have been used in the experiments. For TCS3, the target flames are as follows (numbering of test cases provided by Masri and co-workers):


Comparison of Results
The experimental data consists of droplet velocity statistics (as a function of diameter class), as well as temperature deficit measurements. For the sake of comparison, the simulations results should be provided in the form of a text file. Please contact Colin Heye (The University of Texas at Austin, USA) via email ( to obtain the formatting requirements.